Scrap Car Prices

• We don’t base our quotations on the condition of your car – we don’t mind if there are parts missing, doors falling off, windows smashed or if it is accident-damaged vehicle or an insurance write-off – we will STILL buy your car. We base our quotes mainly on the weight of the car so we will always offer the better scrap car prices around – better than any scrap yard or any other scrap car company. We guarantee the best scrap car prices

• We can also offer the best scrap car prices because this is our business, scrapping your cars is what we do! Our company policy from day one has been to offer the customer the best price we can – this means we get more customers wanting to scrap their cars with us and the more cars we scrap, the more money we can offer you!

We make a little on each car but we scrap a lot – this is our policy and it has worked for us for over and we are not about to change it. We put the customer first, then second, then third!

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