Get Paid Top Dollar (from $100 to $9990) For Your Scrap

About Us

ScrapCars4Cash is a reliable, trustworthy and professional company that focuses on the purchase and removal of scrap cars for cash in the area of Sydney.
For many years, ScrapCars4Cash has been Sydney’s company of choice when it comes to the removal and purchase of scrap cars. Our goal is to provide you with valuable prices in exchange for your scrap cars in a way that could only benefit you.
When you come to us at ScrapCars4Cash, you can expect to receive the best value for your scrap car and the best customer service that no other metal recycling company can offer to their clients. In order to provide you with the best possible service we concentrate on carrying three main values:
• Professionalism
• Reliability
• Trustworthiness
Through these values, ScrapCars4Cash offers a pleasant and efficient service to ensure your satisfaction. All of our team members are qualified to assist you and give you the right price and value for your scrap cars with all of our values kept in mind.

How Does It Work?










How To Sell My Car For Scrap?











Simply give us a call on 0410 183 456. We will find out all the details we need. (We’ll need info such as the car’s registration, condition, location)


We then work out a price. We offer extremely competitive prices for scrap cars, damaged cars, vans and 4×4′s.


If you are happy with our price we just need to arrange a convenient time to collect your vehicle.
Once on your premises we pay you on the spot. No Charges and No Fees.

With Scrap Cars 4 Cash you don’t need to worry about the disposal of your vehicle because scrap car removal is all part of the service. Selling your damaged or non running car has never been easier.

Get Paid Top Dollar (from $100 to $9990) For Your Scrap

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Thank You for considering us to handle your scrap car requirements, no matter how old or new your car may be, we’d love to give you a great price for your car.

Please call us on 0410 183 456 (open 8am to 8pm – 7 Days A Week), or email us on the form on the right and we’ll call you back ASAP!

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